Brand Fostering

Brand Fostering offers an opportunity and solution for manufacturers/brand owners to outsource brands and to select a Company to take total ownership and responsibility for the management and growth of the brand, whilst protecting the brands equity.

The Management at Bellava Limited have experience in this area having in the past managed a portfolio of brands for Lornamead UK Limited.

Some of the benefits of outsourcing non-core brands are:

  • ​Halting the decline of under performing non-core brands.
  • Drive value back into the brand.
  • Revitalise the brand by identifying the Core Brand Equity.
  • Make it relevant to today's consumer.
  • Innovative new products and creative merchandising.
  • Enabling retention of listings with Major Accounts.
  • Internal S&M departments time to focus on core brands.

Results you should expect include an increased brand share, increased and retained brand listings, increased profitability and comercial value, a re-established and rejuvenated brand.

For more information about Brand Fostering please contact Gary Clarke

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