Tantrixx - Self Tanning Mousse

More than just a self tanning product in a bottle, its about that feeling of a true Australian summer on your skin. The warmth of the sun on your skin, leaving you Sunkissed and beautifully bronzed.

No orange or yellow tones, Tantrixx Tanning Mousse allows you to create your own desired depth, from a touch of colour, all the way through to a deep delicious sexy tan.

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Keromask Camouflage Make-up

Keromask is an unrivalled camouflage make-up range designed for all skin types and suitable for disguising all skin imperfections, including: acne, vitiligo, rosacea, scars, under-eye circles and unwanted tattoos.

When it comes to imperfections, Keromask understands the importance of effective, long-lasting coverage that's easy to use.

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TreeHut Shea - Reveal Your Natural Beauty

From humble beginnings in Farmers Branch, Texas to becoming Americas Favorite Brand for body scrubs and butters, Tree Hut's goal remains the same: to create products that exfoliate, cleanse, nourish, soften, and protect your skin.

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Chawtons Aromatherapy

Chawtons was established in 1987 by Jane and Paul Crotty. Very early into their career they developed an interest in essential oils. The ideas of harnessing natural plant oils to stimulate the body's own healing process seemed right. Chawtons has been retailing its own aromatherapy therapeutics and skin care range since 1993.

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